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PS Environmentally-friendly High-temperature Resistant Matte Oil Ink Series



PS Environmentally-friendly High-temperature Resistant Matte Oil Ink Series   

     PS series ink is a high-temperature resistant ester soluble surface printing ink. It is applicable to matte surface printing, conforming to environmental protection requirements. 


Product Features: 
1.    The product is applicable to the printing of films with corona sides such as BOPP, PE, etc., with stable printing quality, smooth, delicate and natural patterns, and strong stereoscopic impression.   
2.    It is applicable to eight-side sealed high temperature bags (230 ℃), with strong adhesion and high scratch resistance, so it is an ideal ink for perfect matte surface.


Printing parameters: 
Ink printing viscosity depends on the specific circumstances. Low viscosity is recommended for high speed and high viscosity is recommended for low speed. 
1. The recommended viscosity for high speed printing: 
       White ink: 14-18S/3# Zahn Cup 25 ℃
       Color ink: 16-20S/3 # Zahn Cup 25 ℃
2. The recommended viscosity for medium speed printing: 
       White ink: 16-20S/3 # Zahn Cup 25 ℃
       Color ink: 18-22S/3 # Zahn Cup 25 ℃
Customers can make adjustment depending on specific requirements. 
3 Diluents: ethyl ether EAC, n-propyl ester PAC, butyl ester NBAC or propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate (PMA)


Standard Color:  
With reference to Fu Li Cheng color atlas 


Matters needing attention:   
      It is recommended that the printing of ink should be dependent on the weather dryness and humidity. It should be adjusted and selected according to the type of printing equipment and the specific printing conditions; if more dry retarders are used, the solvent residue in the ink film will be increased. 

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