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In 2017 the beginning, a good news, whether it is excavators, loaders and other various types of engineering machinery sales in January rose, or the national mass infrastructure investment planning fo

In 2017 the beginning, a good news, whether it is excavators, loaders and other various types of engineering machinery sales in January rose, or the national mass infrastructure investment planning for the construction machinery industry comes, winter added a fire exuberant, and with the incoming enterprises of large orders, warming trend Chinese engineering machinery industry has been a trend which cannot be halted.
According to the news, since the spring of this year, 31 of group sales followed orders, market demand situation is gratifying. Road machinery, motor grader orders in January rise, an increase of 1 times over the same period last year; machinery orders have been placed in the second half of the year. Xugong, Liugong and Shantui construction machinery enterprises and many other orders also have come, is to verify the reality of the industry rebound.
The development of China's construction machinery industry can not be separated from the support of national policy, but also can not be separated from the stimulation of economic policies. The breakdown of 2016 and Chinese engineering machinery industry related policies and measures, "The Belt and Road" and "supply side reforms", "iron and base" and "real estate" and "13th Five-Year plan", "new rural construction" and "urbanization" and "2025 Chinese manufacturing" was frequently mentioned, these benefits the industry policy for the construction machinery industry development has brought a strong support. But in the industry to warm up at the same time, we should also take a rational look at market changes, and fully understand the warmer factors, in order to prepare for future market control. Under the editorial analysis of the various parties, the Chinese construction machinery industry in 2017 to pick up factors were collated.
Winter and warmer are both causes and effects
To understand the factors that make the industry warmer, we should first review the reasons for the industry down, because the two complement each other, both cause and effect. Chinese engineering machinery industry since the beginning of 2011, the industry began to enter the downhill, into the industry to adjust the growing pains, the main reasons include the following aspects: with 4 trillion investment decline, quantity reduction, underemployment caused by weak demand, overcapacity, excessive ownership and market supply and demand imbalance caused by the excessive development and the common role in two aspects, Chinese engineering machinery industry inevitably suffered "winter".
Faced with a weak demand situation, China's construction machinery industry began a 5 year adjustment, the industry is also worried and expected to suffer. In this situation, the transformation and transformation has become an effective strategy to overcome the difficulties. Construction machinery enterprises have begun to improve their internal skills, adjust their own structure, and build capacity for the future. Now, with the advance of application of backward and excess capacity elimination and energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent high-tech technology, with the supply side reform and enhance the user needs attention, Chinese engineering machinery industry gradually liberated from the structural changes in the pattern, it has become an important basis for the recovery.
Pick up one factor: domestic infrastructure downstream warmer
Since 2016, China's economic indicators of growth picked up around the butt The Belt and Road, the Yangtze River economic belt and other major construction projects planning design gradually fall, promote the construction industry demand continues to stabilize, the construction machinery industry is also showing signs of recovery.
2016 fiscal and monetary infrastructure investment remain high, the annual growth of 15.7%, has become an important support for stimulating investment and steady growth of the economy, including new construction and construction of the project the annual growth rate reached 20.9% and 10%, significantly higher than in 2015 increased by 15.4 percentage points and 5.7 percentage points; at the same time, real estate construction demand significantly warmer, investment growth rebounded from 1% in 2015 6.9%, driven by the downstream excavators and other construction machinery and equipment utilization rate improved, industry demand after 5 consecutive years of decline after the contraction, began to bottom out continued to pick up.
Entered in 2017, infrastructure investment continued the growth of investment in 2016 the tone, a new round of major projects throughout the country have started investment, investment projects developed a larger amount, often ranging from one hundred million to one trillion. For example, Hubei, Shaanxi, Henan and other major projects started a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan, the first batch of major projects in Jiangsu started a total investment of up to 1 trillion and 330 billion in 2017, Shaanxi will arrange 600 provincial key projects, a total investment of 3 trillion and 700 billion yuan, the annual investment of 482 billion yuan.
China construction machinery business editor based on statistical data published in the provinces, 23 provinces have been released in 2017 fixed asset investment targets, a total investment of more than 40 trillion yuan, has not yet announced plus provinces, estimated throughout the year, a total investment of not less than 45 trillion. Such a large amount of investment has provided a confident environment for the Chinese construction machinery industry to recover. It has become one of the most important factors.
Pick up factor two: PPP inject vitality into infrastructure investment
Talking about the capital investment plan, let's talk about the funds again. Over the past few years, China's infrastructure investment is also quite a lot, but the construction machinery industry has continued to stay in the "winter", the main reason is funding. Lack of actual construction capacity, capital implementation is not in place, leading to the lack of infrastructure investment, therefore, how to solve the problem of funds, will become whether the industry can pick up the top priority. PPP began its harvest in 2016, and in 2017 it was on its peak and injected vitality into the future investment in infrastructure.
In 2016, PPP accounted for more than 25% of infrastructure investment, and the demand for construction machinery products in the next 3 years has been significantly boosted. 2016 PPP project landing scale of more than 4 trillion, into the procurement and implementation phase, the investment amounted to 2-3 trillion, accounting for infrastructure investment proportion of 15%, many central enterprises average growth of more than 20% orders.
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