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How can the manufacturing industry lead ....

2017/05/04 14:18
Everybody be obvious to people, in today's social environment, information technology, mobile technology, Web technology, embedded system, networking, cloud data, big data, artificial intelligence and
Everybody be obvious to people, in today's social environment, information technology, mobile technology, Web technology, embedded system, networking, cloud data, big data, artificial intelligence and other eight kinds of major technology will provide important support for the manufacturing industry transformation of wisdom. "China manufacturing + Internet" should be the core of innovation, transformation, promotion and Application on intelligent technology, is the industry + enterprises should become the subject of action, take the initiative to embrace the Internet, self change, challenge.
The day before, with "global manufacturing wisdom transformation" as the theme of the second session of the 2025 Chinese manufacturing (Shenzhen) forum held in Shenzhen, the forum invited domestic and foreign manufacturing field on behalf of the world manufacturing industry innovation and development of the new trend, "Chinese manufacturing 2025" since the implementation of the development and change under the era of manufacturing how to lead the future with wisdom and other topics in depth.
What is the manufacturing transformation based on?
"To promote the deep integration of information technology and industrialization, in which industrialization plays a leading and supporting role, and informatization plays a driving and leading role." CPPCC Standing Committee, deputy director of the economic committee, former Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology Li Yizhong in a keynote speech pointed out that we should give full play to the information on the economic development drives the leading role, made by information technology to boost intelligence, optimize the allocation of natural resources and social resources on the internet.
Li Yizhong said: "in a number of" Internet plus "action," Chinese manufacturing + Internet "should be the priority among priorities. We should seize the key point and seize the innovation, transformation, promotion and application of intelligent technology." He said that more than 90% of enterprises nationwide have been using the internet widely, and more than 1/3 of enterprises have already adopted e-commerce in their supply chain and distribution network. Practice has proved that the industry should be the subject of action, not to wait passively, to recognize the direction of the new economy, to embrace the Internet, to change itself, and to meet the challenges.
The technological transformation of manufacturing industry can not be achieved without technical support. Chinese academician, Academy of Engineering Tongji University President Zhong Zhihua said, information technology, mobile technology, Web technology, embedded system, networking, cloud data, big data, artificial intelligence and other eight kinds of major technology will provide important support for the transformation of wisdom. In his view, "made in China 2025" is actually the first step towards making a great power. The manufacturing power in three steps, every 10 years as a step, from 2015 to 2025 is the first stage, our country enters the manufacturing powerhouse, relative ranking; by 2035 China will be in the middle position of manufacturing industry; by 2045 China will be in a leading position in the world's manufacturing power, which is realized second one hundred year goals, China integrated into the ranks of world powers.
Director, research center of world issues, the Xinhua news agency Xinhua news agency, former deputy general editor Xia Lin said, "from the Dragon into the sea" to "Moon", then to "high-speed exit, high-end equipment manufacturing, high-tech industry as the representative of the new subject, a new form of rapid growth, China's economy is powerful the internal driving force, become the new engine of development. "This proves that China's transition from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power is not only the fundamental requirement of economic and social development, but also has profound practical and far-reaching historical implications." Xia Lin said.
Intelligent transformation in the future
On the forum, XCMG, Shenyang machine tools, Accenture, Johnson Johnson, and other walks of life in the manufacturing, transformation and development of front-line entrepreneurs at home and abroad around the forefront of intelligent manufacturing started exchanges. "The manufacturing sector is still in a tough process of transformation and upgrading," said Wang Min, chairman and party secretary of the Xugong Group, who spent 47 years in the manufacturing sector. Today, global manufacturing enterprises, especially equipment manufacturers, are studying technology, researching quality, researching and reducing costs, and studying how to make customers happier and more willing to buy their own products."
Wang Min said, XCMG intelligent manufacturing has been fully carried out, the problem is to start from the market, and eventually to the market, forming a closed loop. "I believe that in a few years, the industry's most cutting-edge, most high-end enterprises inside two or three, there must be a xugong." Wang Min says.
Shenyang machine tool Limited by Share Ltd acting chairman and President Zhao Biao said that with the transformation of the national industrial economy, Shenyang machine tools in the middle and low end of excess capacity. In the face of difficulties, Shenyang machine tools have broken through the core technology of the machine tool operation control system which has been monopolized by Japan and germany. With its own core technology, the company is currently promoting intelligent manufacturing in all regions of the country, landing in an intelligent factory.
Intelligent manufacturing is really a change of mode of production and production, because of the intelligent technology, makes the large and complete production can be turned into a separate, decentralized business units to form the solution. Intelligent manufacturing should solve the problem of improving the overall efficiency of society, and at the same time make "public entrepreneurship, multi innovation" ideas or ideas can fall to the ground and bear fruit." Zhao Biao points out.
Accenture global vice president, vice president of Greater China Wu Qi shared two cases, indicating the value of intelligent products. He said that SIEMENS in Madrid to Barcelona railway section, the use of intelligent systems to make the railway punctuality rate of 99.9%, making the railway market share from 40% to 60%. PHILPS has developed a chip implanted into the human body that can predict the risk of cerebral thrombosis and coronary heart disease 8 hours earlier than -12 hours. After the danger is detected, the backstage meeting will be held
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