Chaozhou Chao’an Fucheng Printing Pigment Co., Ltd.

Address: Longkeng Industrial Area, Anbu Town, Chao’an District

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  As a high-tech enterprise, Chaozhou Chao’an Fucheng Printing Pigment Co., Ltd. is integrated with scientific research, production and sales and specialized in production of various anti-counterfeiting inks and anti-counterfeiting materials. With multiple sophisticated anti-counterfeiting technologies, we combine special anti-counterfeiting materials with technologies, provide customers with all-round anti-counterfeiting solutions from multiple angles, explore and produce various products including anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting certificates, anti-counterfeiting packing and etc., based on customers’ demand.
  Our company focuses on the product quality management and has a group of sales engineers with rich technical experience to provide customers with excellent services and meet customers’ demand for a long time. With best services, we sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to visit, cooperate hand in hand and create beautiful and bright tomorrow with us together.
  If give us a chance, we will do it best!
  Special statement: With progress of technology and development of market economy, our technical documents will be supplemented and perfected constantly. We keep the right to revise the manual and we will revise it without further notice if it is necessary. When you use the manual, please ensure that it is the latest version. Our company shall not be liable for any use problems and adverse consequences if they are not carried out correctly based on the manual.